Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Admin Law: Helps You Sleep Better

Mama was right. This stuff IS boring!


gudnuff said...

I scratched my computer screen...but no baby smell came out.

As for admin law, what little I've learned about it, I think it's kind of interesting to know/determine who has authority to do what. But that's not really what studying it as a class is like, probably. This is the class where the term "avulsion" was brought into the discussion by Mommy on the Floor (http://momandmama.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/as-when-my-flesh-is-torn-violently-from-my-body/), right?

LEO said...

Ha, told you!

And you thought you had to rock him to sleep... ;)

newduck said...

This cracks me up, if only because I know that in a few months you'll practically have to build a gate around your laptop to keep him from destroying it.