Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Littlefoot's Mom Becomes Valid Secondary Legal Authority

It may be time to drop out of law school.

True Story:

In my Corporate Governance class we have to give presentations to the class regarding specific topics related to our reading material. The presentation topic today was the Role of Corporations In Society.

One of our most "interesting" classmates was presenting his opinion on the topic. He espoused the view that corporate activity should be more regulated by the government and that directors not only should be allowed to but should be required to take into consideration the interests of the public when making business decisions. He was arguing his social justice view on corporate law when he said (with grandiose, ADD-worthy hand gestures):

"It, like, might be a long time before Corporate Law, like, makes advances in social justice and, like, stops perpetuating income inequality in America. But, like, as Littlefoot's Mother said,

'some things you can see with your eyes; others you have to see with your heart.' "

The rest of the class kept exchanging glances to see if this last sentence was supposed to be a joke. Apparently, the presenter was dead serious about the Land Before Time reference. But that didn't stop the rest of the class from busting out into laughter.

Then he proceeded to distribute a "reward" to the classmate who had answered the most of his discussion questions. That reward? A mangy, ratty bean bag dog from his own personal toy collection. AWESOME, much?

I swear I saw the professor rolling his eyes.


Anonymous said...

whoa! that is BIZARRE!!! i mean, law students are all kind of weird in their own ways, but that is some serious kind of strange.

Googie Baba said...

That was the strangest law school story I have ever heard. It started out weird, but then the beany bag dog sent it over the top.

Trannyhead said...

Another reason why law school sucks. Just another of many, many reasons.