Sunday, January 18, 2009

We All Have Our Time To Shine

Last UCC class, my professor hinted that we would discuss the Economic Loss Doctrine in class on Tuesday.


The Economic Loss Doctrine is my VERY favorite doctrine in the world of law. I would say that it is the only legal doctrine that I could have an intelligent discussion on. I don't know why, but for some reason, this doctrine gets me all hot and bothered. Maybe it's because a hot professor taught it to me?

I am typically the student who didn't finish the reading and has no clue what is going on in class. I am usually praying for an invisibility cloak when the Professor looks around the room for people to pick on. This is probably the only time in the history of my law school career that I 1) know the answer, 2) care about the answer and 3) want to be called on!

I've noticed a trend in my classes this semester. Professors are more and more open to giving students the opportunity to teach and to showcase their particular knowledge when it is applicable to what we are studying. And the great thing about law school is that people are nerds. They have all this specific knowledge that they can just word-vomit on command. Me, personally, aside from Economic Loss Doctrine, I am extremely well versed in the script from the movie Gladiator- at one point in my life, I could recite all the lines from the movie word for word.

The other day, my Financial Institutions Professor asked a very specific question about US history and Shay's Rebellion. A student raised his hand and answered perfectly. He continued to answer in detail well beyond what was asked. My jaw might have dropped because I thought all that knowledge was supposed to evaporate from your brain once you graduated from higschool. I didn't even remember what Shay's Rebellion was.

So Tuesday might be MY day. My only opportunity ever to display my knowledge of something before my peers (I WISH my school had a Gladiator re-enactment contest). I plan on volunteering to explain the doctrine to the class. I just hope no one else tries to steal my thunder. I am so giddy with nerdiness I can't even stand it.

Note: this is very different from the actions of That Girl/Guy who has an answer to everything and will go to great lengths to try to impress the prof with unrelated knowledge. Wait. Maybe it isn't. Maybe I'm just trying to justify being That Girl. Oh shit.


Butterflyfish said...

Definitely not 'that girl'

We had a terrible biz org teacher, and a guy in my class would occasionally raise his hand and say something that simplified everything she had been trying to say for the last hour. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when he talked.

Not exactly on point, but I suppose this is to reinforce to you that there is a difference between 'that girl' and valued contributions to class

LL said...

hahaha- I hope you can showcase both your economic loss doctrine knowledge and your superior Gladiator memorization skills. I await the story that will someday combine them both :)

LEO said...

They're totally different! I have no idea what could possibly be appealing about the economic loss doctrine though...

gudnuff said...

Love this post! I just read your earlier post from April 2008. Loved how you said that addressing those issues on the exam would be like writing a love letter. Did it happen? Did you experience a moment of bliss during that exam? Separate and distinct from whatever grade you received. Not asking about the grade. Wondering if you had your moment in the sun during the exam.

Trannyhead said...

TOTALLY "that girl." Totally.