Monday, January 26, 2009

There Should Be A Stupidity Tax

I was at the coffee shop when I overheard The Golden Girls having a rather enthusiastic discussion.

GG 1: Oh I just hate when our city uses public tax dollars for unecessary things. Have you seen the new flowers they planted downtown?
GG 2: And those new red light cameras they set up at the intersection. Those cameras were supposed to pay for themselves when red light runners pay the fine. But since the city put them up, people stopped running red lights! Ridiculous!

Oh my. God forbid the government spend money on a safety device that ACTUALLY WORKS! So GG 2 would rather that people run red lights at the risk of endangering the public and pay $50 than not have people run red lights at all.

I wonder if she would feel the same way if she got hit while she was walking across the street to bingo (I was going to say Sunday service but wishing for people to get hit by cars on the way to church is just too mean, even for me).



FSD said...

Did GG2 have a roller set? If so, she needs to ask her stylist not to roll her hair too tight going forward because it's messing with her brain function. Her comment made NO sense! LOL. It's always hilarious to overhear funny conversations.

Googie Baba said...

You are so funny. Since Jen just got hit by a car from a girl running a red light, I say, those cameras are a great idea.

Think about the money that went into that one accident. The police had to be involved, and took them away from their other duties. This won't affect the city but there was an ambulance and a tow truck. Unfortunately, the other girl is in the hospital. If she doesn't have insurance, that's more money the city loses. And we have to buy a new car.

Anyway, I am preaching to the choir.

S said...

I LOVE old people who get a little too worked up about city expenditures. I actually think I might be married to one.

But I have to agree with GG2! I HATE the red light cameras! People slam on their brakes now to avoid running lights, which is sometimes scarier than someone running a light by a second or two. And I can't help be the millionth person to characterize them as very big brother. And since I'm revealing that I, too, get a little too worked up about silly things, I might as well point out that cities only keep like some tiny percentage of the red light ticket fines and the rest goes to some for-profit company.