Monday, January 5, 2009

Can I Eatz It?

A picture story starring Jacob Palmer

Hey what's that? Can I eatz it?

Armed with a bib, I can eat anything!

See this thing on my arm? It's not jewelry. I'm saving it for later.

Yum. Donut!

I found a boogie. Can I eat it?

Too late. I already did.

Can I eat this?

Blanky attack!

I eatet it to death!

If I look cute can I eat your camera? How about your arm?


paragon2pieces said...

what kind of camera do you have? your pictures are always so awesome (of course, it helps to have such a cute baby as the subject :)

LEO said...

Possibly your best post ever. Also, I second the pictures being awesome... it looks like a professional photographer lives with you.

FSD said...

I love the story in pictures! Great pics as usual! Have you ever thought about taking up photography? You capture some of the greatest expressions. And the ones about the "boogie"...hilarious!