Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Highschool Hunky Old Man Crush

I probably won't post much in the next 46 days. But during my spare time I have been diligent about reading other blogs, just too lazy to post comments. During the course of my hateful hours spent barprepping, I actually refresh my blog roll, facebook, and my two email accounts constantly hoping there will be some gift just waiting to interrupt me from the tedium of listening to lectures and outlining.

This is my random thought of the day:

Walking down the candy aisle of the grocery store (I consume like five times my normal amount of chocolate when I'm stressed) I passed a wall of magazines. This reminded me of when I was in highschool purchasing a magazine from this very same store.

People magazine had a huge cover photo of Leonardo Dicaprio. I snatched up the magazine and walked to the check out counter. During checkout, the clerk looked at the magazine, looked at my 16 year old self and smiled.

Then she said, "I guess you're buying this magazine for the hunky man on the cover." I returned her smiled and coyly replied, "yes."

Little did she know that the hunky man on the cover that was behind my purchase was NOT Leonardo Dicaprio. I guess a lot of people swooned over that guy when I was in highschool but I never saw the attraction. To me he looked like a squinty-eyed baby. I hated his hair. I hated his eyes. I hated his movies (yes, EVEN Titanic). When I first set eyes on the magazine, my retinas quickly scaned over DiCaprio's face and focused intently on the man in the upper right hand corner photo.

For in the corner of the magazine was a glaringly handsome photo of Harrison Ford. Now THAT was a real hunk. In highschool I was completely in love with Harrison Ford. Maybe I just had a thing for older guys. He was a REAL man. My ideal man. His rugged looks and crooked smile sent me over the edge.

but what is a 16 year old to do? Confess, explain and justify my true love and obsession with a much older man to a grocery store clerk? Or take the easy way out and let her believe the reasonable conclusion of her own thought process? I took the easy way out.

But my discomfort in expressing my hunky old man crush did not stop me from plastering his face all over my school pcoket cover binders. Ahhhh, Harrison Ford..... A part of me still swoons when I think of him.


Proto Attorney said...

Actually, I had a crush on Sean Connery. The man didn't age for like three decades, it's like he got to 50 and stopped.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the Leonardo thing - he looks like a cat! Ugh, so ugly!

Anonymous said...

i heart older men.
and dislike leonardo. i mean, he *can* act - but i've never been "into" him. snicker.
i did, however, enjoy titanic. there was something so magical about kate winslet saying she'd never let go and then prying leo's fingers off her raft-like device and sending him down into oblivion.
i remember scoffing, "well isn't that ironic?"
my 16 year old boyfriend didn't (a) didn't know what "ironic" meant or (b) for some insane reason didn't find me hilarious.
we weren't destined to be together. all because of leo. harrison ford, however, has yet to disrupt any relationships. :)