Monday, January 25, 2010

Keeping It In The Family (AKA: "I Have Issues")

I think I mentioned on here once that I have a mini crush on my father-in-law. Ok, ok, it's not really a CRUSH- I just think he's cute. And nice. And funny. And I have this thing for older men. I feel ashamed to bring it up again because most people commented their horror and disgust about my little secret. (But hey, it's not THAT farfetched, I mean he's the genetic source of my husband's good looks afterall).

The problem is, it's not much of a secret. Once when I was out drinking with my sister-in-law, I just MIGHT have mentioned that I thought her dad was cute. Then one time hanging out with my cousin-in-law, before I married my husband, I might have told her that I thought her uncle was cute. I know, I know. WHERE is my (1) decency and (2) self control?

My husband tells me these people I had unfortunately confided in have big mouths. So I am very paranoid that Father-in-law knows I have a thing for him. This makes me slightly uncomfortable when, during family get togethers he shifts his attention towards me and asks me how my life is going and I turn bright red for no APPARENT reason, although there are plenty of unapparent reasons bubbling beneath the surface.

If my father-in-law wasn't in on my secret before, I'm pretty sure he is now. This year he friended me on facebook. I'm friends with many of my husband's adult relatives so that, in and of itself, is not weird. We've been facebook friends for a while now and it always concerns my husband when he goes to pick up our son from his parent's house and my father-in-law makes some comment about my facebook status. My husband jokes about using me to get to my sister, so I joke about using him to get to his dad- talk about dysfunctional family right?

Anyway, I was going over some old family photos in my facebook albums. There were plenty of photos of my husband's parents from our wedding that I had posted before I was FB friends with Husband's family. I realized that I had tagged my father-in-law in each picture where he appeared, even though he didn't have a FB account yet. To my HORROR I realized that I tagged him as "husband's hot dad" in ALL OF THEM. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I'm SURE Father-in-law has seen them.





Soleil said...

THAT IS AMAZING!! I'm laughing so much right now! :-D

I'm SURE he finds it flattering. :)

LEO said...

HAHA! That is amazing. This is why I think I need to put all my aunts/uncles on a limited profile. Now I kind of want to see a picture of your Father in Law.

je said...

lol.... don't worry, if he's like most recently joined facebook parents (of OUR parents' generation) he hasn't figured out what tags are or how to see them or how they apply to him yet... :) take them down ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Is your blog linked to your FB page, b/c if it is he knows even more now. ;)

Rayne of Terror said...