Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Things I've been telling myself all day:

"Everything I know about the law, I actually learned from Barbri." Because the first time I learned this stuff (i.e. Con Law, Corporations, Prof Responsibilities) it all seemed like hazy mush in my brain. Relearning it all again within a three hour time frame and from a bird eye's perspective, it actually is starting to make sense! Take that Business Judgment Rule!

"Minimum compentency." This is my hourly mantra. I only have to be minimally competent. I've been mediocre my whole life, how hard can this be?

And my FAVORITE quote of the year, from my all time favorite show: "I'm like the dollar store, because you know, at the dollar store you can have everything you ever really wanted in one package, for a dollar!"

I seriously forgot how much I LOVE American Idol. I forgot how addicting it is. I had to force myself to turn it off halfway through so I could finish my corporations practice problems. I hate you Bar Exam! American Idol might just be the cause of my career downfall.

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