Tuesday, January 1, 2008


As my grammatically correct and vocabulary rich friend reminded me today... the colloquial word for "backsight" is "hindsight." I reserve the right to invent my own words.

I've been married for seven months (in the Catholic Church, I have only been married for two months because we eloped first-- we still don't know which anniversary to use). It took me a long time to adjust to living with a husband. Although I have had plenty of roomates, living with a husband is very different. Husbands hog covers and take up valuable bed space-- of these minor nocturnal crimes, I am equally guilty. Husbands don't like when you wear a pair of their socks and lose one. Husbands sometimes listen to weird music at the decibal level of Musical Notes Are Penetrating My Every Thought and Dripping Out of My Eyeballs.

Husbands don't like when you attempt to throw something in the garbage can, miss, and walk away without picking it up. Husbands don't like when your laundry piles up into mountains the size of dino droppings. I have to admit that I haven't met these new conflicts with complete grace. In fact, I'm pretty sure I pursed my lips into a heavy pout, crossed my arms and made loud obnoxious sighs. Either that, or I proceeded to not speak to my husband for hours except to exclaim loudly, "did you hear something? must have been the wind."

I wish in my slightly childish moments I could just pause to remember how awesome my husband is and that I need to grow up, even if its just a very teeny bit.

In fact, he is a very amazing person and I look up to him alot. The pieces and qualities that make up who he is are so special that I cannot imagine being married to someone without any one of his qualities. He is so rational, organized, calm and logical. A good balance to my irrationality and my chaos. He is kind and gentle and has a sense of civic and family duty. But probably one of the things I admire about him the most is something I feel that people either have or they don't have. I really think its hit or miss. I don't really know how to describe it but I think it comes from a possessing a blend of rationality, responsibility and the highest degree of propriety. This quality makes him easy to trust and easy to place within a decision making role. I feel that in any situation, when faced with a choice, he would always do what is most decent and proper and not necessarily what is the best outcome for himself. There are not many people whom I can feel this way about, including myself.

Of course, he loves me which means he also has good taste. And I already know he will be a great dad.

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