Friday, January 25, 2008

Tell Me Now!

I am not a patient person. I'm a sentimental romantic, but definately not patient. I know this frsutrates my husband. The romantic in me sometimes demands surprises. The impatient two year old in me demands to know what the surprise is IMMEDIATELY!

A couple weeks ago my husband took me on a surprise date (I may have asked for the surprise date, but I can't remember). After it became clear that he was planning something, I begged and pleaded and pouted to know what it was. He refused to budge, it nearly killed me. (Really, my head almost rolled off my neck under the pressure of impatient mind spasms). I try not to ask for surprises anymore, but deep down the romantic in me daydreams about them.

At first, I thought it would be cool to wait until our baby is born before finding out the gender. I told my husband we should do this, I told him we should be surprised. He quickly reminded me how practical it is to find out before hand- so you can plan and buy things and decorate the nursery. The selfish, spoiled part of me that likes presents realized that finding out ahead of time was the only way to avoid a million pee-yellow and garbage-brown neutral gender baby gifts. Also, the practical me advised the romantic in me that waiting for it to be a surprise would not end so well anyway. I would end up caving in from my inhumane lack of patience, or throwing curiosity fits or pulling my hair out.

There are alot of phony baby gender prediction tests on the internet. There is a chinese year calendar that claims to reveal the gender of your baby based upon the month of conception and the due date (or something like that). There are many other tests that don't explain themselves unless you pay upfront first.

But today I saw an ad for this Intelligender prediction kit.
I was skeptical at first, but then I saw an article about it in Parenting Magazine. The test measures the amount of testosterone in your can take it as soon as you are in your 10th week of pregnancy (next week for me!). Some respectable people claim to have used it and it boasts a 90% accuracy rating. Really? Do you think this thing works? Husband called bullshit, but I'm not so sure. Anything to relieve my burning curiosity.

I might just order it and take it for fun....


Law Student Hot Mama said...

I'd bet bullshit - the worst thing would be to have it say "girl" and so you go out and start going crazy buying a bunch of pink stuff only to discover at your 20 week ultrasound that it's a boy.

Well - maybe it wouldn't be so bad. It could be a social experiment - see if wearing pink for the first year of your son's life has any adverse effect later . . .

Cee said...

lol, we could even name him sally for lack of preparing a boys name...good idea :)

maybe I could take it but not rely on th results until the ultrasound...? I just want an excuse to try it :)

Proto Attorney said...

I hope the substance isn't the equivalent of Draino. Don't pee in Draino. Very dangerous.

My friend swears by the Chinese birth calendar. I think she's just being a nutter, but it's got a 50% chance of being correct, so why not. Hell, even the ultrasound tech can get it wrong.

newduck said...

I completely sympathize with you over the impatience thing. I am probably the most impatient person in the world, and cannot bear surprises. I COULD NOT wait 20 weeks to find out the sex of my baby, and I read about other people finding out at like 16 weeks. So I lied to the ultrasound people and told them I had to go out of town and wouldn't be back for four weeks (who the hell goes out of town for four weeks?) and BEGGED them to give me my appointment at 18 weeks instead of 20. I got it, and found out the sex, much to my relief. In fact, the ultrasound tech says they never make promises about the baby's sex, but that I scan very well and she quite definitively saw a little coochie in there. Such a relief.