Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Do Important Things Sometimes

Sometimes the tedious days of trying to look busy at my law office are actually replaced with productive days. Sometimes I have to create work for myself to do (like updating my blog and checking facebook and registering for classes), othertimes, I swear my supervisor is creating useless work for me to do. More than once an assigment I had completed for him was tossed to the side because he really didn't need it.

Yes, I guess I am still learning, but it's frustrating. I am an end-product worker. I strive off of being able to see and hold a final product at the end of my hours of precious labor.

Today, however, was a productive day! My supervising attorney had me review one of his motions and asked me to "beef it up." It looked pretty complete to me but I researched more cases anyway and drafted a couple paragraphs explaining why we should be granted summary judgment. I even put my atrophic legal writing skills to use writing "analogous case" arguments!

The best part was that at the end of the day I walked into my supervisor's office and saw him typing my paragraphs into the motion. This may not be a big deal to other law students who get to do Important Things everyday, but for me, this is HUGE :)

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