Saturday, January 5, 2008

Success is Relative

Sometimes I question my goals in life. I worked hard throughout highschool and undergraduate school. After that I worked hard to get into a good law school. Most of my life has been full of "go-go-go," deadlines and stress. There is no doubt that I worked so hard because I wanted to be successful.

But now I'm not sure. What do I really think success is? Do I really want to work my butt off just to land a high paying 60+ hours a week legal job? Once I get the job, I will just be working even harder. Am I even competative with other law students seeking the same job?

I'm starting to realize how fast life has gone by so far. It will just go by faster. I don't want to waste it doing something that gives me an ulcer in exchange for reputation, status and a fancy paycheck. No, I think I'd prefer to savor each year, spending my life doing something that really makes me happy. I guess a fancy, high paying job could end up being fun and enjoyable, but I wont kill myself to get one. Maybe I'm cut out for being a mom first, then pursuing a career later in my life (my Husband might faint if he reads this).

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newduck said...

Good for you for coming to this realization before you spent ten years in some miserable job, all the while becoming irresistably dependant on the money you make. The great thing about a law degree is that we have all sorts of avenues open in front of us.