Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Full Schedule

I have a pretty full schedule this semester. In addition to working 20 hours a week and babysitting every friday from 3- 9 (I think I am finally willing to admit that I may be too old to keep up this babysitting stuff), I am also taking a full load of classes.

I envy the law students that live close to campus. I commute 1.5 hours each way to get to school. It wouldn't be so bad except that I have to take an hour long ferry ride. The ferry doesn't run very frequently, so I have to catch super early boats to get to class on time. At night, I get out of class and down to the ferry in enough time to catch one of the late boats. If I miss my morning boat, I miss my first class. If I miss my late boat, I have to wait for hour and a half for the next one (which is at 10:30pm!).

Basically, I have to leave my house at 6:07 am to school in time for my 8:30am class. And although my last class ends at 8:20pm, the next boat doesn't get me home until 10:15pm. If I miss the bus to the ferry, I get to walk uphill for over a mile. But enough complaining- I chose to do this to myself so that I could work 3 days a week (I'm insane).

My classes seemed interesting when I signed up ,but after the first week of class, they don't seem very promising.

My classes:

  • International Business Transactions Law (too technical!)
  • Public Benefits Law (depressing!)
  • Advanced Topics in International Law (turned out to be a political theory course)
  • Construction Law (interesting topic but boring professor)
  • Community Development Clinic (year long course- I'm doing a lot for my client but it's way too much work for a 2 credit/semester course!)
  • Constitutional Law (required)

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Law Student Hot Mama said...

Classes ALWAYS seem better in the course description. I apparently have a talent for picking classes that sound cool (and combining them with some that fit into the schedule that sound easy) . . . only to discover that the ones that sounded cool suck, but the ones that looked easy are often not easy. At this point, I just sign up for credits - I don't really care what class comes with them anymore . . .