Thursday, January 17, 2008

"O" Dreams!

Ok, here is another post about dreams, but at least its not another post about "poo." [cheers of applause]

This may be TMI, and for that, I am sorry.

More than once this month I have had a crazy sex dream. I wont go into the details of these dreams except to say that there is usually the factor of doing something forbidden and either being caught or feeling ashamed. Once I was even a man in a sex dream (seriously, what have I been eating!?) During a couple of these dreams I've had an orgasm. Sometimes I wake up not knowing if I just dreamt the feeling or if my dream was so intense that I actually experienced one. But each time the feeling is so strong and accurate that I would swear it was the real thing.

It's very odd to not have control over your sleeping subconscious.

Why are my dreams obsessed with sex? Where did their innocence go? I used to dream of baby animals, or barbies, or people's brains falling out of their heads as they walked down the street. I wish I could send my dreams to their rooms for a night or two. Or force them to watch 7th Heaven marathons.

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