Saturday, January 19, 2008

Can You Get Bed Sores From Napping All Day?

Either the first week of school has finally caught up with me or pregnancy has finally caught up with me. This was the laziest Saturday of my entire life.

I had high hopes for this weekend and a long lost of "to do's" to accomplish. In addition to reading over 300 pages of homework, I have to finish a legal memo for one of my clients AND create drafts of the documents necessary to form her limited liability company. I have to do all of this before I go back to class on Tuesday.

Um, not so much.

Yesterday I hit the "eight week pregnant" milestone. I felt great, a little too great. I began to wonder if something was wrong. But today I feel more pregnant than I have ever felt. Aside from the one week during my sixth week, I still haven't been nauseous yet, but today I woke up feeling like a boulder had been dropped on me.

I only have enough energy to make food (slap sandwiches together and operate the microwave) and digest it. Ok, sometimes I have enough energy to check my email, oh and my favorite blogs. But I tried doing homework and feel asleep within 20 minutes. I wanted to go to the gym today but just driving my husband to the ferry left me feeling wiped out. My arms and legs are so heavy, it's like they are trapped under a boulder. I think I took three naps today- the rest of the time I laid across the couch, flipped through Martha Stewart Living, and competed with the cats to see who could come up with Most Ridiculous Lethargic Position. I can't even remember what I did that made today go by so fast.


Proto Attorney said...

The first trimester was terrible for me. I just wanted to sleep 20 hours a day. I was working full time during the summer, and I was very grateful my job was so flexible with the hours. One of my good friends is a surgical nurse, I can't even imagine doing that, I could barely get out of bed to go sit at a desk all day!

newduck said...

I wouldn't repeat the first trimester for all the money in the world. I was so sick and tired all the time I could barely function. At the same time, I was trying to hide the pregnancy from the people at my summer internship, so I worked 16 hours a day, 6 days a week.

I have to say I think I'd rather repeat my first semester of law school than my first trimester of pregnancy, and that says a lot!