Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Running For Two

Is a lot different than running for one. I constantly fear that my internal temperature is going to skyrocket and tranform my future baby into a deep fried side dish. I have to drink A LOT more water than I usually do, and I am freakishly thirsty all the time.

My boobs bounce a lot. Sometimes, when I look into a reflective surface, all I see is a big pair of jiggling boobs attached to road runner-like legs. I already wear two sports bras when I run, the next logical step is resorting to duct tape.

The most un-sexy thing about running for two: every step forward (or in place, if running on treadmill) adds like a million tons of pressure on my bladder. Each time one of my feet makes its touch down, I think I'm gonna lose it and decorate the rotating belt with a big yellow puddle. But that wouldn't be the end of it- have you ever dropped something on the moving belt of a treadmill? It ends up shooting off the other end and flying half way across the room. I can just image how many people I would splatter if I had an accident while running.

Watching the Food Network while I run is no longer easy. When the network's shows feature delectable dishes from all over the world, visions of dinner start to dance in my head. Then the only thing keeping me going is imagining a chocolate pudding pack being dangled in front of me.

Over all though, running regularly is the best thing I do for myself. It makes me feel more at ease with my slowly growing tummy. It makes me feel like my old self since running has been part of my daily routine since I was 14 years old. And it regulates my whacked out hormones. Plus, at the end of the workout, I feel completely calm, relaxed and accomplished. The world could start to crumble around me and I would still be at peace with it all. Running is the best and cheapest therapy. I wonder if doctors should start to prescribe running to people with mental or emtional medical issues. Who needs medication?

So my goal from here on out is to continue running 26 miles/week. I wish I could find a pregnant running group in my area, that would just be the best thing ever. You know so we could all run without worrying about the embarrassment that we might pee ourselves, we could rant about how much we hate people touching our bellies, and we could all wear t-shirts that say "Caution: hormonal pregnant woman on the run." I just worry that that much jiggling and bouncing concentrated all in one running group would be considered a public nuisance?

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the dragonfly said...

I admire you for running while pregnant! I walked, but even that had to stop when pre-term labor started..