Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm So Scrubby, You'd Think I Was A Medical Student

Sometimes I think I can't be the same person I was last year.

I have never been a stylish person. For most of highschool I have been awkwardly tomboyish with a 1o year old girl's body to match it. In college, this was pretty much the same (that's what you get when you run cross country).

My 1L year, however, was the peak of my fashion glory. Maybe I finally acquired a fashion sense or maybe I just wanted to make a good impression on my law school peers. My 1L year, I actually wore heels to school. I also wore designer jeans, flatteringly fitting tops and cute accessories such as necklaces and earrings. I made the effort to put on make-up and fix my hair. You wouldn't have recognized me from my prior years in academia. From all outward appearances, I was a decently put together human being.

This year? I have reached a new level of scrubiness. I now commute which means I end up walking at least a mile and a half each day (can't wear heels when you walk THAT much). Commuting also means getting up super early and being in a rush to catch the ferry (which takes away time to do my hair and make up and adds about an half an inch worth of dark circles under my eyes).

My designer jeans sport a huge rip at the knee where I tripped on an uneven Seattle sidewalk and gouged out my flesh- are ripped jeans trendy again yet? My heels have been replaced with flat, dingy pumas. My fancy jackets have been replaced by my warm, worn out northface jacket that's covered in cat hair because otherwise I would freeze to death during my walk to the ferry.

Accessories? Forget it, I can barely keep track of my keys let alone jewelry. Flattering fitting tops? I may have only gained 6 lbs since becoming pregnant, but I'm already too self conscious of my growing belly to wear my nice fitted shirts. I'll stick to that oversized hoody thank you very much. I must appear to my classmates as a bum who wandered into the wrong building, seeking out handouts and public benefits. With my lack of sleep and lack of ability to form a coherent thought, they might even think that I'm one of those bums frequently found to be drunk before 10am.

If there is this much difference between my 1L and 2L year, I dread to think how I will dress my 3L year.

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Law Student Hot Mama said...

OMG - I just did a post today on my frumpy underwear collection. It's AWFUL how far I've fallen!