Friday, April 11, 2008

20 Week Halfway Mark

I'm halfway done! It's incredible, this pregnancy is going by SO FAST. At the same time, I wish it would go by much faster. I have so much going on right now with finals approaching for classes that I am far behind in. Also I'm trying to wrap up projects at my current job so that I can start working full time at my new job this summer.

So, it's gonna be pretty hectic around here until this baby is born, but on the other side of this pregnancy, there is five months of doing nothing but spending time with the baby waiting for me- that is enough to keep me going!

I'm amazed at how tired I still am. I'm tired ALL THE TIME. I also feel the baby wiggling around almost every day now. It's such a weird feeling but it's really the only proof I have that there is a little person in there and that's a good feeling.

There are times when I really, really want my body to myself. And I'm not even at the worst parts of being pregnant yet. I can't wait until I can run/exercise without my boobs smacking me in the face and without my bladder feeling like it will explode. I can't wait to have at least some control of my weight and what my body looks like (to whatever extent that is possible after having a baby). I can't wait to not feel a huge energy/fuel drain on my body every day. I can't wait to meet Baby Palmer.

I also miss margaritas... am I allowed to pack a bottle of malibu in my hospital bag?

As much as I'm excited about having a baby. I'm sad that these last couple months are the last time I will have my husband to myself for a while. We only have a couple months without the responsibility of parenthood and I hope we take full advantage of them. We better stay up late watching movies, sleep in, go out to brunch, take off to the coast on a whim, and enjoy quiet cuddle time as much as we can.

I'm really going to miss these days but I also know we wont regret becoming parents at all.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

You're at 20 weeks - when is the gender check sonogram?!?!?

Also, the first part of pregnancy for me FLEW . . .a nd then the last trimester DRAGGED . . . so be prepared for time to do some weird distorted things!!!

Cee said...

I get to find out the gender next week! So excited! I hope that I'll be so busy this summer that it wont drag too much :)

CM said...

Halfway! Hooray!

Spending lots of cuddle time is a great idea... although, after a couple of months the baby will start having a consistent bedtime and then you can have some one-on-one time again. We went out to lots of restaurants the last few months of my pregnancy -- we figured we wouldn't get many chances again for years! (We can still go occasionally, but it costs us an extra fifty bucks for the babysitter so we always do some research before trying a new place.)