Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Dream Of Beer

There is one pregnancy craving I have that just cannot be satisfied: beer.

I usually hate beer. There are probably two kinds of beer I like and they both taste like water. So why is it that I have been craving beer for the past two weeks? Should I be alarmed? Should I tell my doctor?

I'm sure giving in to half a cup of beer would do me and baby no harm. But these cravings are recurring and I'm pretty sure just half a cup would whet my appetite for more. Plus, my husband watches me like a hawk and wont even allow me to have one itty bitty sip out of his beer. I think its the smell/taste of wheat that's really getting me. Maybe I should ferment some wheat soaked in apple juice?

In 134 days, I will be drinking from the biggest tallboy I can find.


LL said...

Oh my gosh, I craved beer too! And I've always hated it. Four years of college at a major party school didn't turn me into a beer drinker- pregnancy did! I figured the cravings would go away once Landon was born, but they didn't and I now ordered a beer sometimes when we're out instead of a cocktail or wine. JP still looks at me funny every time I do it.

(And I did have a few sips while I was pregnant, especially near the end when I was craving it so bad I actually couldn't sleep.)

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I also remember really wanting beer. And sushi. Hmm . . . raw fish and beer . . . just the thought of that makes me want to go get take-out right now!

fluorescentmom said...

I totally craved beer while pregnant. But I actually found non-alcoholic beer to be a pretty good subsistute - it had that malty, barley taste I was craving. Bucklers is made by heinekin and was my favorite- most decently sized beer stores will have it. Though by month 9 or so, it had been so long since I had real beer I was even drinking O'Douls- and that stuff is nasty....