Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crazy Talk

I woke myself up this morning talking in my sleep. I don't remember much of what I was saying except for the very last line that eventually stirred me from my slumber.

As my husband was primping in front of the mirror in our room, getting ready for work, I rolled over and asked, "Do mosquitos ever fly into each other?"

Then I snapped awake and realized the crazy thing I had just asked. My husband told me I had been talking in my sleep all night. Poor Guy. I wonder what the heck I was dreaming about?


Valarie said...

Ha! I found your blog through...umm, yeha I don't really remember. It's funny. I am a sleep talker and have said some pretty crazy things in my sleep, including "I can pick that glass out of your butt if you want me to" while I was laughing out loud. I was dreaming that a friend of mine sat on a glass table and broke it....

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Heh. Once in my sleep I dreamed I was on Jeopardy and the question was "Who was the last queen of Hawaii?" And I knew the answer. No, I don't know how to spell it, but damnit I WAS RIGHT!

Don Mills Diva said... they? Surely he had an answer to such a profound inquiry...:-)