Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Hate Law School And Law School Hates Me

Law School and me are NOT getting along this semester. For once, it's not me- it's Law School.

Because of Law School, I have to miss out on watching David Archuletta sing his hot, young heart out. It's not often that I feel justified in crushing over a teenager (it's definately justified when the teenager sings like David) so it is just unconscionable that I have to miss American Idol every week.

Law School is being difficult and boring too. None of my classes are particularly exciting. It's getting more and more dificult to force myself to go to class. I started the How-Many-Days-of-Class-Left countdown in January, for heaven's sakes. I'd seriously rather have each of my eyebrow hairs plucked from my face than go to my classes.

Law School is not happy about me being pregnant and takes every opportunity to punish me for it. It doesn't care that I'm tired all the time. It is completely unsympathetic to the fact that I'm at the beginning stages of becoming a whale and that my jeans are starting to be too tight- yet I still have to wear clothes to my classes, LAME! Law School doesn't care that I have to go to the bathroom every five minutes or that I get hungry in the middle of class because the plate of lasagne I had for breakfast is already being worked off.

Because of Law School, I wake up early to face the icebox-like conditions of weather sweeping the Seattle area right now. Plus I have to walk 1.5 miles at 8:30pm in the dark to the ferry because there is no bus.

Also, Law School is expensive- it takes a lot of moolah to keep this awful, abusive relationship going. If I had half a mind, I would have decided to become an ultrasound technician instead. I would already be getting paid to rub goo all over people's bulbous bellies and tell them that they aren't just having a boy, they are having a kitten! Yep, all the parts are there. Oh look, there's a whisker. And a tail!

Losing resolve quickly. On the verge of winning "worst law student in the history of procrastination" award.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

No way. I already won that award and you can't have it!

Valarie said...

Yeah, that's why you get a DVR. Then you can record all of the shows that you have to miss...trust me...you'll want one when the baby comes....

Matt said...

Hi! I am a 1L in Columbia, Missouri, and I am just starting to hate law school. As with any new hobby, I'm researching it on the internet, which is how I found your blog. Thanks for sharing your perspective on law school woes, and I hope that you're now a lawyer doing good work with good people.