Friday, April 25, 2008

Working Out My Tastebuds

I wanted to run today, really I did. I planned on running too, just as I had planned on running Monday and Wednesday.

Then I got home. And sat on the couch. And ate some Cheez-its from my hidden stash. And fell asleep for 3 hours.

I feel guilty that I'm not sticking to my running goals or to a daily running routine. It's so easy for me to use pregnancy as an excuse to opt out of a workout when, really, it should be the reason that I work out. Healthy mommy = healthy baby! But I've been pretty exhausted lately. Not exhausted like I didn't get enough sleep exhausted. More like exhausted because I just ran a half marathon exhausted. Physically, I feel so drained. It's super hard to force myself to do a workout when I feel like I've already done one, or two, or three!

Tonight, I'm gonna sit on my butt, eat a whole bag of kettle corn and watch movies. If I get enough energy, I might move the pile of my freshly folded undies (thank you neat freak husband) off the kitchen table and on top of my dresser (it's asking too much to put it IN the dresser).


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Whatever - use pregnancy as an excuse. You totally should.

postscript said...

That sounds like 99% of my afternoons. I come home from school and procrastinate like crazy.

Also, running can be bad for your knees. That's what I use as my excuse, anyway.

PT-LawMom said...

Totally normal. I was really exhausted when I was pregnant. It's one of the things that has kept me from repeating the experience. I think I napped every single day!