Monday, April 21, 2008

If You Got It...Flaunt It!

Alternate title: My baby, The Show Off.

We found out we're having a boy! The ultrasound tech said he was very obviously a boy. She kept trying to check out all his body parts to make sure everything was there and his little boy parts kept popping up on the screen.

"Ok. Let's check out his hands...oops, there's the scrotum sack again. Let's count his toes. There they are again, those boy parts! Let's measure his belly... oh my, he's showing off his manhood."

It was pretty funny because we had a hilarious ultrasound tech. She kept making comments about how little boys start flaunting their stuff early. Then she kept making random comments like, "Well, we know he doesn't have clubbed feet. Ohhh, see that, he doesnt have a cleft palate. And we know for a fact he has a left arm!" I kept belly laughing which totally disrupted the scan. Then she told me I had the fullest bladder she had ever seen. How is that for compliments!

The tech kept pointing out random things but all I saw was blobs of grey and white and black. Finally she got another angle of the baby and the parts that showed up on the screen were very obvious to me: the butt cheeks! He has cute little cheeks, he must get those from his dad.

Finally we got to see his little hands flailing around and his legs kicking furiously. It looked like he stepped in poo and was trying to shake it off or something. When she showed us his face, omg, it was incredible. I saw his mouth open and close. We watched him suck his fingers. We saw him cross his little arms in front of his belly. It's so amazing. We could even make out five itty bitty fingers on each hand.

My eyes were teary the entire time. I didn't really cry, but the very first image that popped up on the screen was the image of the baby's tiny spine. It was the first glimpse I had of this person living inside me and even though it wasn't anything that I was looking forward to seeing (like the face or hands), it just hit me. This was our baby. We created him. In four short months we will be holding him and caring for him. And this creepy skeletal like spinal shot on the screen is our first real image of him. Our first clue that he really does exist. I realized that right at that very moment, his nervous system was sending signals down that little spine. He is a fully functional being in so many ways.

It's more than any words can say.


LL said...

Congratulations!!! As Magic Cookie said to me when I found out Landon was a boy, "Yay for first boys!"

The ultrasound was a huge turning point for me in my pregnancy - "it" became a "him" and I grew exponentially more comfortable and happy with my pregnant body. It really is incredible.

CM said...

That's amazing that you got to see his face!

Congratulations. Boys are awesome. :)

Googie Baba said...

How exciting! Little boys are the best!

Don Mills Diva said...

Congratulations - oh how little boys love their mommies!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Welcome to the boy-parent club! You're in for a great ride!