Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Badwill For Best Buy

I went to Best Buy yesterday to return a gift I bought for my husband. I had bought him a filter for his camera which the salesmas assured me would fit after I told him our camera/lens info and he looked up the sizes. Guess what? Didn't fit. Is this rocket science?

So I marched back into the store frustrated. I went back to the lens section and a different salesman was working the floor. He was even more stupid. He was this big teenager with pimples all over his face and, I kid not, I had to stand 2 feet away in order to avoid his mad body odor! I wanted to ask him why personal hygiene wasn't part of his job requirements.

I told him I needed this particular filter in size 52 but I didn't see any on the shelf. He looked at the shelf then looked at me. Blankly. I waited two minutes. He didn't say or do anything.

"Can you check to see if there are some in stock? Or can you ORDER it for me?"

blank look.

Finally he looks at the shelf and points to a filter. "here it is, size 52"
"Oh, really?" I was surprised. "Wait, this is the wrong filter type. I wanted the one in the blue packaging."


"Can you order it for me?"
"Um. Let me check the computer."

He slowly makes his way to the computer, types in some numbers and stares at the screen. I move in closer to look over his shoulder- but then reel backward after catching a whiff of his body odor which reminds me of athletes foot mixed with moldy cheezewhiz.

"Ok, here it is. It says it's in stock."
"That's the green package- I wanted the blue package, remember?"
"Um, right." More clicking and staring.
"Ok, found it. I'll write this product number down for you."
"Wait, that's the size I returned, I need a smaller size- size 52."
"Um. Ok." More clicking and staring, this time he is also mumbling to himself.
"Well, we don't have a bigger size."
"No, I need a SMALLER size!" So getting angry now!

He does some more research and then writes something on a piece of paper.
"Ok. I'll give you this product number and the guy can order it for you." He hands me the paper.
"What guy?"
"The guy in the back who does the orders."
"Where exactly is that? Where should I go"
"To the guy who can order this for you."
"Yeah but where in the store is the guy?"
"In the back."


I say thanks and run away before I smack him in the face. I find another employee and am about to ask him for help when I read the paper in my hand.

It is the product number for a size 52 filter. BUT it's not for the one in the blue packaging that I want! OMG. I wanted to slump to the floor right there in front of the computer section and pound my fists into the ground! Instead, I opted to return the item for cash and bought myself ice cream.


gudnuff said...

Ugh! Why anyone would want to work at one of those places, I'll never know. Sounds like that guy is clinically depressed. Sounds like it's contagious, too...good thing you found the ice-cream antidote in time to save yourself. I play a doctor on tv (at McDonald's), so I know what I'm talking about.

je said...

Ugh. That is soooo annoying! And hilarious (at least the part about the body odor). Try Ritz Camera (or Wolf Camera, depending one where you live). I don't trust Best Buy with camera stuff... they are all pretty much bumbling idiots when it comes to that stuff, at least in my experience.