Saturday, March 28, 2009

Edible Hair Gel

Who knew that pureed banana makes for good hair gel? I really should market this- it's perfect. It's sticky, shiny and EDIBLE! All organic, no chemicals. It is everything your old hair gel is and more. Plus, what can beat the sweet scent of banana in your hair?

Now can someone please tell Jacob not to style his hair during dinner? That would be great. Thanks.

NOTE: this is tame compared to his styling job from last night. I swear he had a good half inch coating of Apples and Chicken on top of his head- we need to teach him about moderation in the hair products department.

1 comment:

newduck said...

I read your facebook post first, then this post. You have absolute bragging rights to facebook post "most beautiful baby ever" with these pictures. Of course, you and I aren't facebook friends, so I won't get offended. Also? my baby smears half of her meals in her hair and the other half? She picks up and grinds into her eyes. How gross is that.