Sunday, March 22, 2009


That is how I would describe my spring break in one word.

Spring break pretty much goes the same each year. At the beginning I take a vow to get a head start on exams, outlinings, and papers (or maybe just catch up in the classes in which I am behind- which conveniently is all of them). Somehow that vow bacomes a distant memory once break is fully underway. The rest of the week goes like this: busy, fast, shopping, movies, laundry, over. Woah! Where did it go? I didn't even get my much needed rest!

Probably the best part of break, aside from hanging out with Jacob (who woke me up at 6 every morning), was discovering a dollar store just miles from my home. I love crappy cheap stores! I bought a huge package of Thin Mints (just a dollar!) that are labeled "Real Chocolate Covered Thin Mints"!! You know, to distinguish them from the Fake ones. I also bought two large packages of marshmallows for 50 cents each, but they are called "Marshmallow Fluffy Puffs." And I decided I had to buy a box of "Puffed Crispy Ricies" (you guessed it- just a dollar!) to go with the marshmallows so that I could make rice krispy treats. Pretty much awesome.

Among some of the marvelous things I discovered at the store that didn't make it into my cart:

Miss Trixie (Barbie's knock-off slutty cousin)
generic landscape calendars from 2008
$2.00 adult bikini swimsuits
brownish lemons, 3 for a dollar
hair extensions in every color (blonde, brunette, electric blue?)
mugs with creepy animals on them
3 pair pack of granny panties (with a two inch elastic waist)
ceramic easter rabbits
39 cent can of mystery "Beans"- that's all the label said

But I did make enough rice krispy treats to feed a small army- or, at least, one small female guest from Japan. My visiting guest also packed three batches worth to take home with her. I guess there is a shortage over there.


Trannyhead said...

Rice Krispy treats are FAB ... mail me some, mmmkay?

*~*a.l.s*~* said...

Thanks for your comments! Good luck with the end of school!