Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today I was working on a group project with another student and, unfortunately, we had the following conversation:

Me: "Sorry I didn't get more work done, I had the flu last weekend."
Guy: "Oh that's ok. I actually had the flu too."
Me: "Wasn't it awful? I hate getting sick."
Guy: "Yeah and now my partner has it."
Me: "You got your partner sick? He must be mad at you. I got my husband sick and he won't forgive me!"
Guy: "I don't know if I gave it to him since I didn't really hang out with him at all."
Me: "Well, now you're all better you can take care of him right?"
Guy: "Um. Ok?"
Me: "You're not going to take care of your own partner when he's sick? Not even bring him chicken soup?"
Guy: "I don't know him that well."
Me: "What? Your PARTNER?"
Guy: "Ohmigod. You think I'm gay?"
Me: GULP. "When you said 'partner'..." ...
Guy: "He's my partner for the MOOT COURT competition!"

Awkward silence.

Guy: "I can't BELIEVE you thought I was gay!"

Excuse me while I go feel embarassed now.


Butterflyfish said...

ah hahahahahahahahhahahahahah

that. is. awesome.

Portia said...

All I can say is LMAO. At work.

gudnuff said...

So much for being couple-oriented and solicitously-focused. Poor Cee! You did nothing wrong...it's stupid law school that places more emphasis on moot court partnerships than romantic partnerships...therein lies the flaw. At least you showed some concern about said partner's well-being, which is more than this self-concerned straight guy did. Yeah, he sounds straight...and single, too. Is he? I'd be surprised if he's in a personal relationship. But...whatever. It is a little embarrassing, but still, your heart was in the right place.

FSD said...

LOL. That's hilarious! Hey, I would've thought the same thing.

Sorry I've been MIA. This mommy thing is hard work! How did you manage to update your blog so frequently?! You're my idol!

I hope you're doing well.

LEO said...

Hhahahahah. I hated when people said "my partner" this summer when I worked at the firm. I never knew whether they referred to life partner or law firm partner. Then I didn't know whether to use "partner" or "husband/wife" when talking about personal relationships later in the conversation. It was just a big, awkward mess.
At least you're not trying to impress this guy to get a job... haha.

The Exit said...

He should have at least followed up with "not that there's anything wrong with that..." :)

Anonymous said...

oh man...this would SO happen to me. in your defense, i'd probably think that too if we were talking about passing the flu around.

Trannyhead said...


PS - that guy totally sucks for: 1) being offended somebody thought he was gay; and 2) not laughing hysterically.