Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hand Me Browns

So I haven't had to buy Jacob real clothes yet. I mean, I've purchased a couple sleepers for him and some socks but we've been iving on hand me downs from his older baby cousin and my friend's older kid. Baby hand me downs are great! They are already shrunk to fit, are basically like new, and I didn't pay for them so who cares if they fall victim of the butt-volcano?

But I do have sympathy for all baby clothing fated for Jacob Armageddon. Because no clothing can survive him. I seriously have no idea how parents ever end up with hand me downs to begin with. Sure babies grow fast, usually wearing an outfit once or twice before it becomes obsolete, BUT one wear is all Jacob needs. One wear and the outfit? Destroyed! There is acidic milk smelling vomit, regurgitated sweet potato spit up and butt-volcanic oozing poo. Do I need to elaborate?

If an outfit is lucky to survive the few times Jacob wears it, it obtains immortality status. These outfits are rare. I think I need to buy Jacon a babysized haz-mat suit. If I could only get one with cute doggies or alligators on it! Jacob is probably going to think he's a goldfish for as much time as he spends in the bath tub.


LL said...

That 2nd picture of him with his towel in his mouth is absurdly cute. He is such a handsome baby!

Landon didn't cause much destruction to his clothes, we always had a bib on him and his diapers were never explosive (compensation for the ear infections maybe?).

je said...

outfit #1 is my favorite outfit... of all time! the only thing better than tops, no bottoms is tops, no bottoms, plus knee-high argyle socks! now if only i could talk T into wearing that outfit just once, it would be the happiest day of my life. keep up the amazing style, little J!

Anonymous said...

i've said it on here before, but you seriously have one the cutest kids i have EVER SEEN :) and i am not one to throw those compliments around!

FSD said...

OMG---he's SOOOOO darn cute!!! That makes up for his destructive tendencies. :- )

newduck said...

AAAARHH!! The argyles! I'm dying over those. Absolutely fantastic pictures, as usual.

Re: spotted dick. It's British, and it's just pudding with dried fruit in it. The first time I went to England I saw it in the store with a friend and we sat there pointing at it, cracking up, and screaming, "Spotted dick!" until we nearly fell over. I later found out that dick does NOT mean the same thing in England that it does here, and in fact doesn't really mean anything at all over there. All I can think is that the people in that store must have thought we were completely crazy.

As a side note, people who read this comment who don't read my blog are going to really wonder why the hell I'm talking about spotted dick.

Googie Baba said...

Boy he is cute

I know what you mean about the clothes. The hand me downs that I get from the older cousins - not really stuff that I would ever buy. Almost everything has a sport's logo on it. But that's why they are so great! If it gets ripped, or stained or torn - who cares? I didn't really like it and I didn't pay anything for it.

LEO said...

We get the explosive poo diapers too. On our visit to see PJO's family, my sister-in-law gave us clothes to use while we were there (she has a 3 year old boy and an 11 month old boy). Timmy pooped on almost everything! We ended up washing all the clothes in regular detergent, then again with baby detergent and all the stains came out. Now I know why all those clothes were not nearly as soft as Timmy's.

You would never know Jacob's butt is so stinky by looking at his sweet face though!