Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Baby

Ok, For Real Now:


LL said...

love love love the first picture where it looks like he has a little mob cab on. I'm kind of mad I didn't get more pictures of the pissed off Landon because that really was a big part of his first year- all those smiley ones don't tell the whole story ;)

Shelley said...

You already know you have an adorable kid, so I will focus on something else: I love that blanket with the tabbies on it - gorgeous!

(Yes, yes, and the baby? SUPER cute.) :)

Portia said...

achingly adorable.

I have a 9-month-old, and this STILL makes me want a little baby boy.

LEO said...

I love the pics... not many babies look so cute when they're screaming, but it suits him well. My husband saw the last picture of angry Jacob and was like, "is he wearing a Tu-Tu?!?!" hahahhah, there's a photo-op for you :)