Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Most Hated Bug Of All

I was feeling pretty smug last week when throngs of my classmates, friends and relatives were falling ill to the flu bug. I felt undefeatable- this was the fourth year in a row that the flu had passed me by.

But I gloated too soon. Or forgot to knock on wood.

I came down with a horrible flu bug Saturday. It was the crippling kind full of frequent bowel movements, unpleasant bouts of dry-heaving (after my stomach emptied the three oreo cookies I ate for dessert last night- now I don't have to feel guilty?), and depilitating chills/low grade fever. I forgot how helpless the flu makes you feel. I couldn't get out of bed for the life of me. All I managed to do was groan, toss, toss my cookies (literally), and shiver.

I had to leave it to my husband to take care of Jacob. He did an excellent job too! As I slept off the flu (I easily slept for 18 hours on Saturday), he took Jacob for a walk around the hood, fed him bottles, played with him and gave him a nap. I felt so awful not being able to take care of my own baby- but I couldn't even take care of myself!

By the end of the day I was weak and still had a fever/chills but was able to get up and help my husband out a little. He looked drained. Then he started to get sick too. He couldn't even touch one slice of pizza he had ordered (that is serious husband sickness right there!). It was his turn to be bed ridden. But I was starting to feel icky again too, barely able to sit up.

Meanwhile Jacob was crying for a bottle and a nap. I watched him fuss and then start to cry. I wanted to comfort him but my body was revolting. I felt horrible and inept as a parent. I did what every good mom should do. I called for an intervention.

A Grandma intervention.

While my mom was on her way to pick Jacob up, I forced myself to make his bottle- walking around the house hunched over like I had just been punched in the gut. I picked him up (barely) and did my best to hold and feed him. Finally my mom came and picked up Jacob. I was sad to see him go even just for the night but I knew I couldn't take care of him.

I immediately passed out on the couch, curled up under my blanket and continued to cold sweat all night long. I woke up with a headache and a weak feeling but other than that I felt good. I grabbed two slices of toast- the first thing I had to eat in 36 hours and watched a movie before checking in on Jacob.


Shelley said...

God, I am so sorry and I hope you're all back to normal soon!

We had the same thing happen when Eden was about 6 months old, but no one to call. Thankfully she was not crawling yet, and I was able to lie in bed all day with her next to me, watching one crappy movie after another. It was awful.

LEO said...

ugh, glad you're feeling better!