Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shitting Your Pants In Class

Today, I received an email from my Sales professor telling our class to prepare an additional problem as part of our homework assignment.

Right after that I received a second email from a fellow student requesting that we meet at a certain time to work on a class project. Another student in our group was copied on the email so I replied "to all" and told my group, "That works for me!"

Or did I?

No more than 2 minutes later I received an email from my Sales professor saying "Good. I'm glad the assignment is convenient for you."


It turns out that I "replied to all" for the wrong email. I told my entire class that the additional homework assignment "works for me." I feel like I just shit my pants in the middle of class. Do I try to explain myself in a new email or do I just sit in my gooey shit and hope no one cares/notices?


Shelley said...

LOL! I hate that feeling. If it were my "oh, shit" moment, I would probably turn it into a joke, although you risk annoying everyone with a third unnecessary email. :(

gudnuff said...

Leave it. Shit happens . If that's the worst/most embarrassing thing you do this semester, you're an underachiever in the "oh shit" department and a sorry 3 out of 10 on your classmates' so-glad-we're-not-her scale. Besides, somebody else will soon steal the show with something much more entertaining.

Shelley said...

Hm... in retrospect, I would write to the professor and apologize, but ignore everyone else.

NGS said...


Leave it. Nothing's more annoying than ANOTHER email explaining a wrong email sent out. It's awful and embarrassing (I sent an entire explanation of why I gave a student an incomplete once to our ENTIRE department instead of just the graduate student secretary once, so I know the feeling), but just let it go. You can maybe laugh with a couple of fellow classmates about it later, but I think you should just let it go.

So sorry that happened!!

LEO said...

Cee = gunner who likes homework. j/k... at least you didn't say anything bad about the prof or the class!

je said...

okay, i just lol'd & nearly peed my pants.us maybe it's contagious.

Trannyhead said...

I'd totally ignore it, but thik it's hilarious. I hate that damn reply to all button.