Monday, March 2, 2009

YAY For The Flu!

Thanks to two days of eating nothing and three more days of having no appetite, I finally lost those five extra baby pounds! Woo hoo!

This wasn't exactly the way I planned on losing the weight. But hey, I deserve something positive to come out of this Extreme Flu Bug of Death.

Someone at school today commented on how I looked more slender. I told her it was because I had been crippling ill. And she was all like, "Awww, I want the flu. Can you give it to me?"

Gross. Seriously I have done some desperate stuff to lose weight- like the time I didn't drink water for a whole day and then ran 3 miles in order to squeeze into a dress the next day- but I doubt I would ever VOLUNTEER to dry heeve for 24 hours and fry my brains out with a fever just to lose 5 pounds. But then again, under the right circumstances, just maybe, I would?


LL said...

I had a terrible case of mono my freshman year of college that left me hospitalized and hooked up to an IV for five days because I couldn't eat or drink anything. I looked like hell and felt worse.

My sister visited me in the hospital and the first thing out of her mouth, in an envious voice was- "You are going to get SO skinny!"

And even though I glared at her and would NEVER have volunteered to feel that awful, a teensy tiny part of me (the part that had just gained 10 lbs. of the freshman 15) would have felt the same way she did.

gudnuff said...

I had the flu January 2008, and after five days worth of minimal sustenance, I was still walking and talking and basically fully operational. That was when I realized, holy frijoles, I must eat way too much. Look at how little I ate this week, and I'm fine. That moment clicked in my head. I changed my habits and eventually lost fifty pounds. Anyway, I remember the fever and the chills and just feeling like crap (no dry heaves, thank goodness), and not wanting to eat anything. And emerging afterwards unscathed. Plus, I'd lost some weight! I credit the flu with making me finally see how much I was overeating and how unnecessary it was. I would like to send that case of flu a thank you card. Doesn't sound like I suffered as much as you did, though, and compared to what LL describes, I was 100% healthy. It's easier in that case to see the good in it, I think. Anyway, congratulations on losing the five pounds. Sorry you had to be sick, though. Glad you're feeling better!

LEO said...

You are crazy girl!

Speaking of losing baby weight, do you still like your jogger stroller? We'll be looking for a stroller soon, and I think if I got a jogger, I might go jog. (once or twice, but hey, that would be an improvement!) There are so many good deals on them on Craigslist.