Sunday, March 8, 2009

School Meets Baby

In multiple ways.

Last week I brought Jacob to school for the first time. I did it because so many people kept asking if they could meet him. But, I'm not gonna lie, I also did it because I totally wanted to show him off.

It was so weird watching my two separate worlds collide. I felt so awkward pushing a stroller around inside the law building and I was a little self-conscious at first that people were giving me weird looks. This eventually went away as soon as I was surrounded by law school friends and acquaintances drooling over Jacob. Jacob was such a flirt and even made some new friends- who can resist!

When Jacob spit up all over the law school carpet, I totally sympathized- I've wanted to do that many times myself. Taking care of Jacob at law school surrounded by my friends really hit home how much my life has changed since he was born. My life seemed a stark contrast to the lives of all my single, carefree friends.

Nothing revealed this more than my first post-baby attempt to write a paper. I had a short paper to write this weekend. It was only five pages long so I thought it would be a cake-walk. WRONG. OMG, trying to finish a paper with a baby in the house is impossible. I was able to get someone to watch him on Saturday but, that meant I was home alone and baby FREE! I wrote a couple of pages and then could resist the freedom no longer! I relaxed and caught up on me time. Then Sunday night I was scrambling to finish, proof-read, and complete citations for my paper. It was ridiculously difficult. Whenever I would sit long enought to gather a string of coherent thoughts, Jacob would need me- yikes!

Eventually I got it done but not until after Jacob went down for the night.

Despite all that- I wouldn't change my lawschool-mom situaton for the world. I do miss my freedom sometimes but I love having someone else to live for everyday. Babies are SO MUCH work and being a parent is probably the greatest life-style change there is but it's impossible to ignore the amount of additional joy Jacob has brought to my life. I get to return home from school to this little person who has completely captured my heart and loves me back unconditionally. I would never trade this in for my carefree, sleeping-in days of old. Ever!


CM said...

When I walked through the halls pushing a stroller, it was like I was invisible. People -- even people I knew -- would automatically assume I was one of the wives, rather than one of the students, and would look right past me like I wasn't even there. If I called their name, they would stop and do a double take because they literally had not seen me.

LEO said...

I took Timmy to school a few weeks ago when there was a lunch-time meeting for all 3Ls about graduation requirements. He let out this cry in the middle of the meeting and everyone in the room turned and looked at the back of the room where I was standing with him and laughed. It was so weird to see people's reactions when they saw me with a baby, especially the professors. Maybe it's good though for us to blend our two worlds to help us get a better grasp on who we really are now!