Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jacob 6 Month Stats

Jacob had his six month check up this week. O.M.G. Jacob is half a year old already? What the heck!

A day prior to his check up my mom and I started making bets on how heavy we thought he was. She was spot on. Jacob weighed 16 lbs, 4 oz putting him in the 25th percentile again. His height measured 27 inches- within the 75 percentile. And his freaking nogging measured at the 97th percentile! It's amazing to me that his height has followed the growth curve for his percentile perfectly! Isn't that amazing how doctors can predict a baby's rate of growth?! Crazy!

However, Jacob's head seems to be growing exponentially. For the past two check ups his head size had been in the 90th percentile and for it to jump to the 97th percentile seems crazy! Jacob's head circumference has grown at a steady rate of 1cm/month since the day he was born! At this rate, Jacob's Charlie Brown head will be off the charts at his nine month check up.

Jacob is sitting on his own for incredibly long periods of time now. AND my baby now rolls from his back to his tummy, promoting his mobility to HOLY SHIT THE BABY IS ACROSS THE ROOM EATING A DUSTBUNNY status. Oh life just BEGINS to get exciting here. Jacob also can pass objects from one hand to the other. And it is so funny to watch how intrigued he becomes over a new toy or mundane-household-object-turned-toy (sorry Jacob, you still can't eat the dust bunnies but get used to seeing them as they are a permanent feature of our habitat).

My all-time favorite new Jacob development is that when he is tired or fussy he will want only me. When I come home from classes after being away from him all day, the second he sees me he starts to cry and sway his entire body in my direction with arms outstretched. The second I disappear again, he will start to bawl. After being away from him all day, he wants nothing for the rest of the evening but to be held by ME. And I love it!


gudnuff said...

Oh, that is just THE BEST! Talk about an ego boost. I miss it. Damn, how I miss it. The lit'l schmoogie-woogie...with the selfish demandingness and the neediness and the baby-ness with the baby smell...and sixteen pounds is still (almost) not too heavy (for the first twenty minutes maybe, propped against your hip for added structural support). Oh how I miss it!!! It helped build some sexy biceps on me, too, all that baby-holding and baby-arms-extended-out-only-towards-mommy. Oh, that rocks!

FSD said...

Jacob sounds like he's doing GREAT! That's wonderful, Cee! And I love, love, love the idea of him craving lovin' by his mommy. That's so sweet! Isn't motherhood the greatest?!

BTW---I can't believe it's been six months already! That's so crazy!

Shelley said...

Love this post - my kid was solidly 50th percentile in height and weight - and 100 in head size. At daycare, they called her a mushroom (although not to us, at least not until recently when she grew into her head). It still cracks me up when I see her in period pictures.

LEO said...

I find it slightly disconcerting that my 2 month old weighs basically the same as your 6 month old! haha, my fatty.

Sounds like he is just becoming more and more of a joy in your life!

TabulaRasa said...

Sounds like he is doing great. I found your post randomly because our 6 month old girl made the same jump from 90% to 97% in the last two months.

Doctor told us not to be alarmed but to take another measurement in 3 weeks to rule out potential problems. She is meeting her milestones so I am inclined to think that she just has a big honkin' head like her mom and dad!