Saturday, August 23, 2008

10 Things I Can't Wait To Do Again!

To celebrate my due date, I decided to stay positive and think of all the things I'm looking forward to doing again when baby finally decides to come...

1. Sleep on my stomach

2. Relax in a jacuzzi

3. Wear my Real Clothes (as in pants without elastic waist bands)

4. Walk without waddling

5. See the underside of my belly

6. Drink a potent margarita (or two)

7. Wear sexy lingerie

8. Go on a very, very long run

9. Put on panties without falling over

10. Bend over (without having to resort to the feet-apart "Sumo" stance)


Portia said...

Soon! Very soon!!

Though I bet you'll be surprised at how little you'll think of these things once the little man arrives! :)

LEO said...

Great post! A few of these will appear on my soon-to-be-published list of things you can't do while pregnant that I've been working on. Maybe it will console you that it is still way too early for me to even consider what I can't wait to do after pregnancy--I'm still stuck wallowing in the fact that I can't do any of it for the foreseeable future!

LL said...

I'm sorry your baby hasn't made his big debut yet, but at least you're keeping your sense of humor (on your blog anyway ;)

He'll be hear soon enough and while I'm sure everyone tells you this, really do try to enjoy your ability to sleep in and generally do as you wish during the day (except bend over) because it won't be that way again for another 18 years or so!

Shelley said...

You're almost there! Good luck in the next week or so. :)

the dragonfly said...

The first on your list was my number one..I actually had dreams that were just me sprawled out on a bed on my stomach.

And when I actually could, it was as wonderful as I had dreamed. :)

Your day is coming...hooray!

legally certifiable said...

Oh, how I remember those days! But just so you are fairly warned, you might not want to see the underside of your belly once this is all said and done.

Tranny Head said...

Ugh ... it won't be long now! I'm sending "water-breaking" vibes your way!