Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Another baby/pregnancy post. Being that I am in my 38th week, babies are pretty much the ONLY thing on my mind :)

I went in for my last ultrasound. My doctor thought the last one was wrong because it showed that my baby was HUGE and had a MASSIVE HEAD. Both are bad things for a vaginal birth experience, I guess. Anyway, this ultrasound was much better. It put my baby's weight and size back in the "normal" track.

This was my fourth ultrasound, but they continue to mesmerize me. I couldn't keep my eyes off that "whitenoise" looking screen. Poor baby. He looked so squished in there. I thought I saw his hands waving around by his head but I was surprised to learn that they were his FEET. His feet are in his face!

My husband graciously commented, "If his feet smell anything like yours, I feel really bad for the guy."

I also saw his face again. He already has little chubby cheeks and is practicing moving his tongue around. I swear he was mouthing the words, "Get me outta here," or maybe it was "feed me an ice cream sundae, please."

Then I had my doctor's appointment to do my internal check. The waiting room was unusually empty. Everyone else on the planet must have already had their babies, dang it! The verdict is that I'm still completely closed up. This could be a long two weeks, maybe four (I hope not!). No change at all from last week or the week before that. UGH.

When the doctor was listening to Baby Palmer's heart beat she started staring at my belly and got this weird look on her face. She asked me to hold my breath. What? I was confused and worried but I obliged. Then she laughed and said, "I can see your baby breathing! I can see his chest rise and fall by looking at your belly." Apparently that's not a common thing to see. I remember a couple times putting my hand on my belly and feeling it move rythmically up and down. I thought maybe it was baby hiccups or I was feeling my own pulse. I guess that's what the mystery movement is- Baby Palmer breathing! How cool!

As I left the waiting room I saw a couple bring their five day old twins in. The babies were so tiny- around five pounds each- and so sweet! Seeing newborns makes me super anxious to meet Baby Palmer.

For now, I'll just follow his orders and feed him an ice cream sundae.


CM said...

That is so cool that you can feel and even see him breathing! Just for that, I think he deserves an ice cream sundae.

Can you believe that thing in your belly will be a real live person in just a few weeks?

the dragonfly said...

Yes, for sure feed him the sundae! :)

Isn't it amazing when you have those "there's a person inside me!" moments? Seeing and feeling him

newduck said...

I feel really, really bad for you right now. There was nothing more frustrating than waiting out the last two weeks of my pregnancy, feeling like that baby was NEVER going to be born! All my friends kept telling me, "You won't be prego forever" but it was little consolation.
I also saw my baby breathing through my stomach, and my doctor saw it too. It's really the craziest feeling. I read somewhere that it is very rare, but thin women are more likely to experience it, which makes sense.
Anyway, hang in there! This will happen SOON, I just know it.