Monday, August 25, 2008

Proof That I Am The World's Biggest Nerd

Today marks the beginning of my law school's fall semester. My classmates are all embarking on their last first day of school and enjoying life as 3Ls. I can't believe that I'm missing it.

My peers are meeting new Professors in the same familiar classrooms. Cracking open new pages of unlearned caselaw. Scanning new syllabi. Marking new assignments in fresh student planners. Running into each other at the Starbucks across the street before class. And I am sitting on my ass hitting the refresh button on Facebook too many times in one hour while trying to distinguish hunger and poo pains from the onslaught of labor.

I so wish I was at school right now. I love the experience of learning and the feeling of starting a semester fresh. I miss the smell of new (and used) law case books. The feeling of cracking open a casebook and delving into a brand new legal doctrine. Then exploring actual cases that shed light on how that doctrine actually applies. Each case is a new document to decode or translate from legalese into workable english. I like trying to guess the holding of each case after reading the background and the statement of law.

I actually enjoy stringing the cases together into a comprehensive outline- trying to figure out how each one fits into the "big picture." It's like a great big puzzle. I guess I'm like the Indiana Jones of law school.

I love new pens, notebooks, highlighters, printer paper. I love new class schedules and class room numbers that have to be memorized. I love holding a coffee cup in my hand as I stroll the hallways. I love being present among other law students and feeling like almost part of the legal profession. I love being able to start the semester fresh with new resolutions to keep up in readings and to follow along in study guides. I love knowing that by the end of the semester, I will be filled with so much more knowledge than I started with.

My very favorite thing about starting new classes is meeting new professors. Especially intelligent, hot, nerdy male professors who wear bow ties. Yeah, it's a fetish-thing I guess.


Butterflyfish said...


the daily "you're still pregnant?" check in

Googie Baba said...

Yeah, me too.

newduck said...

Oh my God, WHERE IS THAT BABY?!?! Make him come out!!! Nobody should have to be pregnant for this long.

Kym said...

any baby today?