Tuesday, August 19, 2008

At Least My Feet Are Happy

I know the secret to getting rich.

All you have to do is start a wide-spread rumor that the product/service you offer has been known to induce labor. I promise that all the nine month pregnant women on the continent (that's a lot of women) will try it out of sheer desperation. Why? Because waiting to go into labor is WORSE than waiting for law school grades to trickle in. 100 TIMES WORSE!

The common theories of today include walking a lot, having sex, eating spicey food and getting a pedicure. Guess how many women at 39 weeks pregnant are doing all of the above with voracious frequency? I'll tell you. At least one- Me.

This week, I decided to try a foot reflexology treatment. People say hitting certain pressure points in your feet will bring on contractions. Aside from decreasing my checking account by a butt-load, getting my feet all oiled up while I napped and drooled on the spa bed- nothing happened. I feel like a complete idiot for buying into that one.

However, I have no problem with the fact that the other wives tales haven't worked either. It gives me an excuse to 1) get my husband in bed with me as much as I want, 2) eat Mexican and Indian food every night, 3) keep up my running despite my husband's pleas to take it easy (if walking is supposed to help- imagine how much the bouncing of running should work in my favor).


Portia said...

Oh, girl! I know it really really sucks waiting to meet your little one. Hang in there!

LL said...

The NICU sucked, but I have to say, going into labor at 36 weeks certainly had its positive side!

And keeping your feet happy is always important :) I hope your baby takes his hint soon!!

Infant Attorney said...

A pedicure will induce labor...really?

the dragonfly said...

Being on bed rest, we had to be so careful about everything, until 36 weeks when I was "allowed" to do things again (have sex, go on walks, etc). It was like being set free!! We had two weeks of "freedom"...and then the crazy-wonderful of our little boy. :)