Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've Made A Huge Mistake

Of course I didn't realize this until two hours AFTER I had taken the Castor Oil.

Twelve long insufferable hours later and I'm finally able to stand up without something coming out of either end of my body. Sorry about that image.

I may never be able to smell/touch/look at olive or vegetable oil ever again.

What the hell was I thinking?! Oh yeah, I wasn't. As they say, curiosity killed the overdue, desperate pregnant lady.


Portia said...

Oh no! Well did it at least put you into labor?

LEO said...

I haven't even heard an old wives' tale of this triggering the onset of labor, but I am assuming that was the goal... poor girl! I have heard action movies work like magic, and those might be more tolerable ;)

Also, is it ok if I add you to my near-non-existent list of blogs I read? I think this blog is about to get even more interesting!

the dragonfly said...

Oh no! Hope you're feeling better...or that you're in labor so you're feeling a different kind of crazy. :)

PT-LawMom said...

Oh, girl, I tried to warn you. :( Dang, it worked for me. Hope you aren't too sick!!

Googie Baba said...

I was wondering why in the world you would do such a thing, and then I saw everybody else's comments.

I'm really sorry. I hope that baby comes soon.

newduck said...

Don't feel too bad about taking drastic measures. I didn't go for the castor oil, but I seriously considered throwing myself down a flight of stairs. Late pregnancy makes you ca-razy.