Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Evil Pregnancy, Your Days Are Numbered!

I talked with my doctor and she confirmed that my due date is, in fact, the 23rd and not the 29th. Wow. So, I'll be 38 weeks in a couple days. Scary. That means a baby could be here any day.

Of course, knowing my luck I will end up being two weeks overdue. *knocking on wood* that that DOESN'T happen. This is the third week the doctor has checked me and my body is giving no sign that it plans on letting the kid out soon.

I was in the waiting room and the girl next to me was having mild contractions not very close together. She was talking about how she was so excited and that she expected to have a baby in 24 hours. Then she said she just turned 37 weeks and was glad that she would get out of three weeks of pregnancy. That's so NOT what I wanted to hear. I'm so jealous. B*TCH. I hope she's having nothing more than evil braxton hicks contractions. Or I hope that baby's big fat head puts her through 48 hours of labor. Or it comes out looking like one of those creepy furry gremlins that I still have nightmares about. Or worse, like Pee Wee Herman!

Ok I know that's really harsh and totally uncalled for and that I would give anything to be in her shoes, but I'm so sick of being pregnant. And it seems like the entire world is having their babies before me. Plus I have an annoying zit on my sun-burned shoulder and it's completely RUINING MY LIFE.

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