Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Best Food In The Whole World!

In college I had the opportunity to visit New York for a nerdy Model United Nations Competition a fun weekend getaway with fellow nerdy classmates my hip friends.

During my visit I visited Ground Zero and personalized what happened on 9/11 for the first time. Before that trip I couldn't really fathom what people in New York went through on that day. After my trip, I still couldn't appreciate the full extent of that horror but I could, at least, process the magnitude of the devastation.

I also ran through Central Park, which was more than a little overwhelming. As were the ginormous buildings that blocked out all sight of the sky and the hordes of people rushing from place to place. Oh and the food.

Street vendors would keep shop until the wee hours of the morning so that hotel guests and crazy party animals could fill their stomaches with a gyro before settling into bed. While staying in New York you can experience quality and authentic food from all over the world. While everyone else in my group fawned over the chocolate and cheese fondue at the French restaraunt we visited, by far my favorite culinary experience was cuban corn.

Although I don't know the exact ingredients of this authentic cuban dish, the Americanized version of Cuban corn is corn on the cob with a mayonaise spread, sprinkled in parmesian cheese and topped with lime juice. Yes, it sounded odd to me too at first. But this is seriously the very best way to eat corn in the entire world! Try and it you will be amazed. I've prepared cuban corn for family and friend gatherings. It always surprises but delights the guests.

Maybe now that Fidel Castro is out of power, our trade sanctions against Cuba will be lifted and I can order cuban corn straight from cuba? But it better happen soon before my cravings for cuban corn are phased out by tuna pizza (seriously, I started to drool thinking about this invention last night).


Law Student Hot Mama said...

You must have read my post on baby corn to post this!

Brittmae said...

Ok--so I have to comment because I did MUN in my undergrad too and loved the NY food--like this amazing Chinese restaurant in Chinatown called Joe's(I know..doesn't sound authentic, but it was filled with Chinese folks...which I always count as a good sing.) I am going to be a 1L this fall and am really enjoying reading your posts because I also have taken a year between undergrad and law school, am newly married, and thinking about having my first baby in law school, either 2L or 3L.

Anyway, I am sorry for some of your pregnacy/stress woes but I really admire the way you think about being a mom, being a responsible lawyer, sorting it all out. I am totally on the same page, even being from the Northwest myself (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho).

Have a nice day--I hope to join the ranks of the MIL bloggers someday.