Monday, February 25, 2008

Craving Kisses

Images and the wafting, yet sometimes imaginary, scent of food are powerful things to a pregnant woman.

I think I smell mustard pretzels and BOOM: I NEED mustard pretzels or else my tongue will shrivel and fall out of my mouth and my stomach will combust from a lack of the powdery, sour pretzel bliss.

I see online pictures of frosted pretty cakes set neatly on high pedestals and BOOM: I NEED to press my face into all those moist, soft cakes (always chocolate, of course), tear velvety crumbs off with my teeth and inhale the creamy whipped frosting.

The memory of my trip to New York rises to the forefront of my mind and BOOM: I NEEDNEEDNEED to sink my teeth into a warm ear of corn on the cob, smothered in mayo, parmesian and lime juice.

When I walk down Madison Ave, I can almost taste the smell of a juicy grilled burger with melted cheese, juicy tomatoes, sassy pickles lathered in sweet ketchup. Suddenly my mouth aches with desire for that little burger probably hiding just around the corner, taunting and laughing at me.

These are all common experiences for pregnant women, right? Just like A New Duck's craving for cement. Well how about a craving for kisses? When I watch two people kiss on tv, or when I see a photo of a lip-locked couple, I suddenly NEED to kiss my husband, like right now! Hopefully I will be able to suppress this need until I get home for work. I don't know what my boss would say if he walked into my office on me trying to kiss my own arms or something.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Just kiss your boss instead! You might get a raise!

the dragonfly said...

I never had any cravings, but I had some major aversions. Just the thought of fried chicken sent me running to the bathroom, hand over my mouth. (I had pretty bad morning/noon/night sickness.) Yuck.