Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things I am In Hate With Today

Today, I am finding frustration around every corner, I am declaring myself "in hate" with the following things:

Ebay: Damn you ebay! I really didn't want to spend $37 on the Special Edition DVD of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I got so caught up in the bidding game that I was determined not to let "blondiehottie" swipe the item away from me in the last hour. Seriously, who does she thinks she is? Can someone named "blondiehottie" really have a legitimate interest in classic Disney cartoons anyway? If I couldn't win the item for $7.50, there is no way I would let "blondiehottie" snatch it away for anything less than her maximum bid! Ebay makes me a bitter person because I hate to lose.

Update: I have been outbid again. The winner of the precious Disney cartoon is paying $43- OMG for a Disney cartoon?!?!

My law school copy machine: We have a brand new law building- it opened a year or two before I enrolled. Everything in the building is immaculate...except for the 15 year old copy machines which take coins ONLY and jam every other page. 5 dollars and 30 minutes later, I had successfully copied a ten page article for class.

Law School Librarian Man: This guy is stupid. Each time the printer jammed I had to ask him to help. Instead of being gracious and allowing me to use (JUST ONCE) the faculty copier a room away, he insisted on playing games with the stubborn machine. He used phrases like "holy guacamole" and "gee-wizz" when the machine kept failing to cooperate. When I complained of having lost $4.50 in this little "adventure" he got all huffy and his face turned as bright at the striped on his shirt. When he walked away from me I heard him say, "oh, for pete's sake!"

My appetite: Sometimes I feel like I'm training for a sumo wrestling match. Before 11 am today I have had: a bowl of high fiber cereal with soy milk, an apple, an avocado-turkey-tomato sandwich, a banana and one fifth of a donut. I'm always super hungry in the morning but thankfully my appetite wears thin by midafternoon so I don't keep chowing down as if I'm about to eat the planet or something. I'm just tired of having to pack so much to eat and lug it around campus. I'm also tired of the weird looks I get as I pull food after food out of my backpack in between classes. One day I'm going to make a 12 inch sub sandwich or whole pizza and pull it out of my backpack in the library.

Raisins: I HATE raisins! Well, I love the way they taste, especially in Raisin Bran and in cinnamon rolls. But whenever I eat them, they make my stomach hurt so badly! My tummy just can't digest them I guess. I find this ironic considering how healthy they are and the fact that I can digest a sugar covered donut just pain at all (except maybe the pain of guilt).

My bus: I always seem to ride the buses driven by inexperienced bus drivers. As the bus lurches forward and backward between stop lights, and as the bus stalls for the fifth time on one of Seattle's steep hills sending the entire bus backward 10 feet into the car behind us I want to scream from behind the old fat man standing directly in front of me smothering my face, "Did you get your license at Walmart?!"

Other things that I am in hate with right now that do not warrant an entire paragraph include: the hour long ferry ride, the ferry's internet service I paid for that hasn't worked for a month, the fact that Seattle U School of Law never declares "snow days," and the way my cats walk in front of my feet and trip me every morning.

Other than that, life is good and I'm not bitter....I swear!

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Law Student Hot Mama said...

Our Law Library Tech guy is a perv. I totally caught him reading about prison ma$turbation in an article I printed out yesterday. (Though, what does it say about me that I'm taking a class where I had to read this article?)