Thursday, February 28, 2008

Earn Points With Your Poo

Thanks to my "poo problem", I can no longer tell my husband that he is full of sh*t. Whenever I do this, his comeback is to exclaim the truism that I really AM full of sh*t. Poo. On. HIS. Shoes. This makes me want leave my hair dryer and hair straightener all over the bathroom floor for him to step on AND leave my hair in the bathroom draim (take that!).

Also thanks to the current situation, whenever my husband comes across anything poo related, he automatically thinks of me. I always wanted to be known for something before I turned 25... This is why my husband emailed me this nice little chart- which I think makes complete sense.

They need to make special amendment to this chart for those of us that are poo challenged.

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the dragonfly said...

Wow. I seriously don't know what else to say.