Sunday, February 17, 2008

Show Your Love With Produce

Since I have night class on Thursdays, my husband and I decided to celebrate valentine's day on Saturday. Apparently the entire world was also out having dinner because the first four restaraunts we went to had 45 minutes wait times. We finally found a place that could seat us immediately (I was starving after a four mile run!). I was craving a burger and fries, but this place only had strange gourmet food. To my surprise, my husband ordered gourmet meatloaf...which turned out not too bad. I ended up settling just on a salad (trip to the grocery store later for real food and frozen yogurt!). I love exploring new restaraunts, to me it's just as good as travelling to new and distant, far off countries-- except I can speak the language and don't have to sit on a plane next to an over friendly passenger who wants to play the game 100 questions, topic: my life.

Even though we weren't planning on celebrating valentine's day on Thursday, my husband surprised me with a "thinking of you" gift. He brought me a bottle of Diet Snapple, a bag of apples, and.... a cucumber.

Yes, this was a little weird but there is some context behind it. For the snapple and the apples, they are just foods that I love. It was pretty thoughtful of him to buy me something that I could really use, he saved me a trip to the store! As far as the cucumber goes (for those of you who need clarification- it was NOT a gift to keep me busy when he goes to bed early. You have clearly been watching too much youtube for even thinking such a thing...), I have been craving cucumbers soaked in wine vinegar this week. In fact, I've eaten a total of four whole cucumbers in just five days.

Ok, so cucumbers are close to the typical pickle pregnancy craving but I still pride myself in being original.

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Law Student Hot Mama said...

When I was preggo, I had some thing about Nerds . . . you know, the little hard candies that rot your teeth? Well - I went nuts and bought like 500 boxes of them and then the craving passed. Now I have 500 boxes of Nerds in my cupboard.