Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day

This week I've been thinking a lot about my husband. I have been thinking about how, even though we are married, I'm still as much "in lust" with him as I am "in love" with him. There are so many reasons why I love him and most of those reasons cannot be put into words. For the few that can be...

First of all, he is pretty easy to love (even when he drives me insane). It might not always be easy but I know that our promises and commitments to love each other through the hard parts will pull us through and carry us to even better times.

I love that when I am having a bad day, all it takes is a snuggle on the couch and a movie to make everything all better. He's the best snuggler. And when i'm crabby and snappy, he never calls me out on it. He lets me vent and then shows me that he still loves me.

He's very sexy and so cute- in sweats, when he's sweating on the treadmill in his gym outfit, when he's all dressed up for work or even when he's just kicking it in jeans and sneakers. There isn't anything he does that I don't think is cute (except maybe when he goes into a regular cleaning tizzy leaving the house spotless, then I just feel guilty for my failure of being a "neat" person and proceed to make a new mess in the middle of the living room).

In the morning before he leaves for work and I'm still in bed, all I have to do is lift my arms in the air and he comes over, bends down and gives me a big hug.

When I feel fat or ugly or both, he makes me feel pretty and special anyway.

He's kind-- to everyone. He always does the right thing whether its helping other people, visiting his grandma or givng a friend a hand. Sometimes his kindness brings out the worst in me because that means I have to share him! :)

I cant believe how supportive and sympathetic he has been during the past 12 weeks. I know he will be an awesome dad. It will be so exciting to watch him teach our baby new things, to take the baby on walks with me, and show the baby how to clean up after mama. lol. Sometimes, although I think its cute, I think he might worry too much about our family. I just hope he never feels overwhelmed or burdened because we don't need fancy new things, we just need each other.

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the dragonfly said...

All I can say is....awwwww!!!